Sukko Spa Phuket

Sukko treatments are based on the ancient Thai medical theory. Traditional massages, heat therapies and authentic herbs are used to bring the physical conditions and spirit back to a state of balance. Herbal recipes and procedures handed down through generations ensure Sukko spa cares are free of petrochemicals, synthetic perfumes or colors, complement the spa's concept and suit individual needs and preferences.

These beautiful boats are completely authentic junks, combining Malay and Dutch influences, recalling a bygone age of pirates and smugglers.Our fleet comprises of three fully equipped and insured vessels with a total capacity of 80, or 20, 20 and 40 respectively.

Type Adult/Child Book
Get Glowing 2,500 THB Book now
Aloe Cooling 3,200 THB Book now
After Sun Relive 2,500 THB Book now
Thai Relaxing 2,500 THB Book now
Massage Matter 3,100 THB Book now
Relaxing Pleasure 2,200 THB Book now
Sunny Rejuvenation 3,900 THB Book now
Time to Relax 2,500 THB Book now
Be Balanced 3,600 THB Book now
Beatiful Bliss 4,800 THB Book now
Bliss 4,300 THB Book now
Paradise 4,700 THB Book now
Child below 3 years is free of charge

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