Private June Bahtra Boat Cruise

Cruise on June Bathra: Sail into a tropical sunset on board a traditional Chinese Junk.. A perfect time to take in the views in the cool of the evening, as the last rays of the sun cast reflections over this beautiful area. No crowds, just cruise in serenity and calm while you enjoy a superb five-course buffet dinner with wine and enjoy all the good things Thailand has to offer.Take your camera and be ready for a stunning vista and a magical experience. June Bathra Boats These beautiful boats are completely authentic junks, combining Malay and Dutch influences, recalling a bygone age of pirates and smugglers. Our fleet comprises of three fully equipped and insured vessels with a total capacity of 80, or 20, 20 and 40 respectively. 

June Bathra 1 , 2 (Max.20 Paxs)
Max 20 Persons
June Bathra 3 (Max.30 Paxs)
Max 30 Persons
Dinner Cruise by June Bahtra
THB 32,000
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THB 40,000
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Full Day Cruise by June Bahtra
THB 59,000
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THB 88,000
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